Joint Venture Joint Stock Company "Spartak" (JV JSC «Spartak»)

The Republic of Belarus, 246000, Gomel, st. Sovetskaya, 63
+375 (232) 30-15-59;
+375 (232) 30-44-45
Bank details: Account Number: BY48BELB30121532530490226000 in OJSC "Bank BelVEB"
Minsk, Pobediteley Ave. 29 UNN 400078278, OKPO 00390478

Oleg Zhidkov

Должность:  General Director
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-15-59 / +375 (232) 30-44-45 (Fax)
Электронная почта:

Vyacheslav Gorbachev

Должность:  Deputy General Director
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-69
Электронная почта:

Elena Pilkevich

Должность:  Deputy director general (for еconomics and finance)
Телефон:  + 375 (232) 30-44-55
Электронная почта:

Viktor Afanasenko

Должность:  Deputy General Director for legal and ideological work
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-81
Электронная почта:

Irina Britova

Должность:  Chief accountant
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-70

Andrey Zhloba

Должность:  Chief engineer
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-85
Электронная почта:

Tatiana Lisitsyna

Должность:  Deputy General Director for Production
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-28
Reception +375 (232) 30-15-59 +375 232 30-44-45 (Fax)
Oksana Day

Assistant to the head of the organization

+375 (232) 54-08-04

Svetlana Chumakova

Должность:  Head of Sales Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-00
Электронная почта:

Oleg Krivenkov

Должность:  Export Sales Team Leader
Телефон:  +375 232 30-44-95
Электронная почта:

Natalia Pozdniak

Должность:  Head of Marketing Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-67 (tel./fax) / +375 (232) 30-44-77
Электронная почта:

Vitaly Los

Должность:  Head of branded trade
Телефон:  +375 232 30-44-00 / +375 29 380-21-73
Электронная почта:

Irina Amelchenko

Должность:  Head of Packaging Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-46
Электронная почта:

Yuliya Pavlova

Должность:  Head of Supply Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-08
Электронная почта:;

Petr Zuev

Должность:  Head of the Department of Legal and Ideological Work
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-83
Электронная почта:

Natalia Gorbacheva

Должность:  Head of Foreign Economic Activity Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-17
Электронная почта:

Galina Chikina

Должность:  Head of Human Resources Department
Телефон:  +375 (232) 30-44-76 / Human Resources Department: +375 (232) 30-44-71
Электронная почта:

Schedule of reception of citizens by members of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee

File:  Download

Schedule of personal reception of citizens in the Gomel City Executive Committee

File:  Download

Administrative procedures in the JV JSC «Spartak»

File:  Download

Schedule of reception of citizens on personal issues by the administration of the Central district of Gomel

File:  Download

Schedule of reception of citizens on personal issues by the management of the concern "BELGOSPISHCHEPROM"

File:  Download

Contacts of the JV JSC «Spartak» for citizens ' appeals

File:  Download

Parent organizations

Belarusian State Concern of the Food Industry "Belgospishcheprom"

Minsk, Aranskaya str., 6

Reception: (017) 285-03-96

Hotline: (017) 223-87-40

Anatoly Buben

Должность:  Concern chairman
Кабинет:  cab. 206
Телефон:  8017 285-03-96

Marina Mikhaltsevich

Должность:  Deputy Chairman of the Concern
Телефон:  8 017 223-87-30 cab. 215

Heinrich Chernyak

Должность:  First Deputy Chairman of the concern
Телефон:  8017 223-42-20

Alexander Yakovchits

Должность:  Deputy Chairman of the Concern
Телефон:  8017 285-03-97

Information for shareholders of JV JSC «Spartak»

The Gomel Regional Executive Committee, as part of the use of the pre-emptive right of redemption, continues to purchase shares of shareholders for cash of JV JSC «Spartak».

Shareholders wishing to sell shares of the joint venture "SPARTAK", send a registered letter to the regional Executive Committee (246050, Lenin Ave., 2, Gomel) notification in any form with the mandatory indication of: the number of shares offered for sale; the sale price of one share; postal address and phone number of the seller of shares.

The presence of shares must be confirmed by an extract from the "depot" account of the shareholder, received from the depository of the companies-CJSC "Western Stock Bureau" (Gomel, ul. Internatsionalnaya, 13, k. 403). Phone for inquiries (0232) 29 60 35.


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