Work principles

Not everyone knows that we are already 90 years old, and at the same time we gave up so many traditional (in our opinion obsolete) solutions and tried to take the best of the centuries-old experience of creating sweets. Now all the products of our factory produced high-tech equipment, and the work is based on the following assumptions:

Natural raw materials of high quality

To make tasty and wholesome products our factory cooperates only with reliable suppliers of premium raw materials. Nowadays all the main raw materials are imported from abroad whether these are hazelnuts from the Netherlands or cacao-beans from Ivory Coast.

Amazing taste

Regular work of Spartak specialists on improving and developing new recipes gives us possibility to produce sweets that can satisfy different tastes of our costumers. Despite the fact that our technologists are highly qualified, the company regularly turns to world-known confectioners so as to transform their experience and ideas into production of new and exclusive sweets.

New ideas

Along with production of goods that are already popular among the customers our company is constantly working on development of new products. We thoroughly consider the wishes of the clients. We are launching a new product into the market or re-designing a packaging only after marketing researches and preliminary degustations have been carried out.


We are well aware that the high-quality product with an excellent taste should be packed appropriately. Thus, our specialists and design studio from Lithuania, Turkey, Germany and other countries are constantly working on packaging design to correspond to the marvelous taste of our sweets.

Treatment of personnel

The company is loved by the workers, and each of 2500 employees is valued by the company. High salaries, free hot meals, comfortable working places both in factory sections and in offices – reward equal to conscientious and creative work.